Love Stinks! – Romance Scam Recovery

by | Oct 12, 2022

Romance scam recovery can seem impossible – you’ve placed your trust in a someone and they have taken everything: your money, your property, and, most importantly, your trust and confidence.

Romance scams are an increasingly popular scheme with con-artists. Our office has worked with 5 separate victims this year alone!  Many victims are too embarrassed and ashamed to seek help after realizing they have fallen for a romance scam leaving them in financial distress.  Fortunately, Bankruptcy can provide some solutions to assist victims in recovering from the financial destruction caused by these scams.

Scammers will prey on vulnerable men and women, from all walks of life.  The scammer quickly gains the trust of their unsuspecting, and vulnerable, victims.  Their ultimate goal is to drain the victim of their financial assets.  Once the scammer has built trust with the victim, their requests change from showing interest in the victim to requesting requesting money for “necessities,” “emergencies,” or funds to “make the victim rich.”  Many victims are blinded by “love” and the requests seem small and insignificant.  It’s hard to believe that these simple requests could pose any danger.

The victims frequently do not realize the financial harm they have suffered until thousands of dollars have been lost, their retirement accounts have been drained, and they are now stuck with loans used to pay the con artist.

What to do next

The Law Offices of Geoff Wiggs has represented dozens of debtors who have fallen victim to a con artist’s empty promises.  Our office has experience filing bankruptcies to help remedy the effects of romance scams such as drained accounts, unsatisfied loans, or severed relationships with financial institutions.  Debts resulting from a romance scam can be discharged, but, it requires an understanding of the bankruptcy process by an experienced firm in order to be properly presented.

Contact us today if you are ready to get a fresh financial start after falling victim to a romance scam.  We can help you with romance scam recovery.

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