Debt Relief

by | Jun 5, 2020

The Simple Answer is the Right Answer

You already know the problem. You have too much debt and make too little money to pay it back.

You may want to pay it back – You may never have intended to get so deeply in debt – But it happened. Now you need relief. Not empty promises and ongoing, crushing payments, but relief.

If you want to avoid the continuous phone calls, wasted payments, high commissions, threats of collection lawsuits, wage garnishments, bank levies, and negative tax consequences we are in the business of providing real relief.

A chapter 7 bankruptcy will result in almost all of your debts being forgiven. This is a true “fresh start” on your financial life.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a 3 or 5 year repayment plan that will required you to repay some portion of your debt to the creditors. While you are in the plan, your creditors cannot continue to harass or otherwise seek to force you to repay them.

If you are experiencing crushing debt – Are fed up with trying to make progress on a debt relief agencies repayment promises – Call us! Set up an appointment today!

We’re here with real solutions to help you reorganize your financial life and get started living again!

Consider Chapter 13 Bankruptcy 

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not what most debtors are interested in.  When most people think about filing for bankruptcy, they are thinking of bankruptcy under Chapter 7.  Chapter 7 is 'the quick one.'  Chapter 7 is the type of bankruptcy where your non-exempt assets are...

Estate Planning for Digital Assets

When we think of estate plans, we typically focus on those belongings we think of as having monetary value.  Normally we consider both your ‘real property’ (land, homes, buildings) and ‘personal property’ or ‘tangible’ (‘touchable’) assets such as jewelry, artwork,...

Including Digital Assets in Your Estate Plan

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Planning for Your LLC After Death

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Next Steps for Digital Asset Estate Planning

Next Steps for Your Digital Assets Talk to your estate planning attorney about your digital assets and successors.  Have a conversation with those persons you are considering appointing as successors about their ability and willingness to handle your digital assets. ...

What Are Digital Assets?

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What are the most critical documents to have drafted when developing an estate plan? When you visit your attorney to create an estate plan it’s a good time think about all of the ‘loose ends’ that you can wrap up and include. You attorney should, at a minimum, offer...

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